Simplified AC System

Simplified Air Conditioning System

The following illustration depicts a simplified system divided into three parts and named for descriptive purposes:

HIGH SIDE - The discharge side of the compressor through the hottest half of the condenser.
LIQUID LINE SIDE - From the coolest half of the condenser through the orifice tube or expansion valve.
- From the orifice tube or expansion valve to the suction side of the compressor. Including the evaporator.


High Side




Low Side


Liquid Line Side





Expansion Valve

Each section of the system has a different temperature and pressure.

Description Temperature Pressure


Temperature Pressure
High Side High High
Liquid Line Side Moderate High
Low Side Low Low

The highest pressures are on the high side and the liquid line side. The highest temperature is on the high side. Note that the temperature drops after the liquid goes through the condenser.




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