PAG Oil Recommendations


PAG-46 PAG-100 PAG-150 SE-10Y
Calsonic CR14 Bosch Axial Calsonic V5 Sanden Electric
Calsonic CWV6 Calsonic DKV GM A6  
Calsonic V6 Chrysler RV2 GM HR/HT  
Chrysler A590 Denso 2C GM R4  
Chrysler C171 Denso TV GM V5  
Denso 10P Keihin (All Models) GM V7  
Denso 10S Nihon DKV    
Denso 6C Nihon NVR    
Denso 6CA Sanden SD5    
Denso 6E Sanden SD7 (Key Shaft)    
Denso 6P Seiko-Seiki (All Models)    
Denso 6SB Tecumseh (All Models)    
Denso 7SB York (All Models)    
Denso SC08 Zexel DCV    
Ford FS10 Zexel DKP    
Ford FS6 Zexel DKV    
Ford VF2      
Hadsys HS-090L      
Hadsys RC17      
Hitachi (All Models)      
Matsushita (All Models)      
Mitsubishi (All Models)      
Panasonic (All Models)      
Sanden SD7 (Splined Shift)      
Sanden SD7V      
Sanden TR      
Sanden TRF      
Sanden TRS      
Zexel DCW      
Zexel DSK      
Zexel TM      

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